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Tree Pruning and Trimming Services

Come to Melendez Tree Service for trustworthy tree trimming and pruning in Corona, CA and surrounding Orange and San Bernardino counties. Both tree trimming and tree pruning should be performed regularly by professionals to maintain the appearance and health of trees. Whether you need assistance with palm trees in your backyard in Corona or you’ve just moved your business into a new commercial property that needs a little landscaping TLC, we’ve got you covered. Our customer service, work ethic, and prices are unbeatable. Plus, with 15+ years of experience among the team members, we know how to make every tree on your property look great.

What is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming is the practice of cutting back a tree’s shoots and branches to encourage growth and improve the overall appearance of the tree. It is common to perform tree trimming once or twice a year to maintain the size and shape of a tree or shrub. This prevents unruly branches from growing in the way of structures on your property and gives plants an orderly appearance.

In Corona, tree trimming services keep trees healthy as well as aesthetically pleasing. While the practice of tree trimming involves thinning and cutting branches back, it actually stimulates the growth of trees by better exposing them to air and sunlight.

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What is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning removes dead or wayward branches from trees. It’s normal for branches to die off or become unhealthy during the lifespan of a tree, but if those branches are left unattended, they may worsen the overall health of the tree. They will also give your tree an out of control appearance and may become a safety hazard over time.

When you call Melendez Tree Service for tree pruning in Corona, we identify the most advantageous ways to prune your tree to improve its health. Typically, trees should be pruned every year or so after the winter rainy season in California to promote spring growth.

Tree Trimming vs. Tree Pruning: What is the Difference?

Tree trimming and tree pruning may sound like almost identical practices, but they have different goals and are usually performed using different methods by tree service professionals. At Melendez Tree Service, we recommend employing both tree trimming and tree pruning methods throughout the course of the lifespan of your trees to afford the best care possible for your plants and landscaping.

The primary goal for tree trimming is to make trees look the best they can in the space they inhabit. This is predominantly an aesthetic goal, but it can impact the eventual health of the tree too. Regular trimming ensures trees remain in the space they were meant to grow in, so they don’t block light in your yard or lean over your patio. Tree trimming is typically performed with a variety of tools, including trimmers, clippers, and shears.

Tree pruning aims to preserve and improve the health of the tree more so than the appearance. While the look of the tree is often augmented after tree pruning, that is not the only ultimate goal. Tree pruning also reduces safety hazards from potential falling dead branches and diminishes the risk of disease for the tree, since dead branches may provide homes for animals or be susceptible to certain illnesses if left unchecked. In Corona, tree pruning is executed almost exclusively using shears, unlike tree trimming which employs multiple different types of tools.

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There are a number of species that have been introduced to the environment in Southern California for horticultural reasons, but have since spread to take spaceDo what’s best for your trees and call Melendez Tree Service at (714) 733-1803 now for a free estimate. Our experts will talk you through our tree trimming process or recommend tree pruning in Corona if it better suits your needs. Our dedicated team of professionals works hard to care for the health and appearance of trees of all kinds in Southern California. away from native plants. Some invasive species are specifically targeted for removal by local government organizations because of their proven negative effect on the environment.