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Reliable Tree Stump Grinding Services

Melendez Tree Service is the #1 go-to for stump grinding in Corona, CA and surrounding Orange and San Bernardino counties. When we provide tree removal services, we also provide evaluations for stump grinding, depending on the condition and status of the original tree, as well as the request of the property owner. Our attention to detail and work ethic are unparalleled, and we take the well-being of your trees and yard very seriously. We are licensed, bonded and insured, which means we will bring you the safest and most reliable stump grinding services Southern California has to offer.

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is the process of using a motorized blade to grind a tree stump down into wood chips. Usually a stump is ground down a few inches below the surface of the soil, then the wood chips from the stump or new soil will be used to fill in the hole. Stump grinding preserves the root system of the tree below the point where the bland stops grinding, but removes any visible presence of a stump. Stump grinding may happen immediately after tree removal, or homeowners may choose to wait to have a stump ground.

Stump grinding is different from full stump removal. Stump removal tears up the root system from the ground, which requires heavy machinery and major work. While it may benefit those who wish to plant trees in the same place in the future, stump grinding is sufficient for most parties, especially since it is still possible to plant flower beds or grass above the old stump site.

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Why is Stump Grinding Important?

Stump grinding clears up space in your yard or around your property, removes stumps which may be tripping hazards, and makes your yard a pleasant place in which to spend time. Stumps may provide homes for unwanted animals or fungi if left unattended. They also become dead space in your yard: it’s impossible to do anything in the old place where your tree once stood if you leave a stump there. Stump grinding frees up the space for beautification and puts the old stump to good use, as it becomes mulch usable in the rest of your yard.

What Happens After the Stump is Ground

It’s important to know a few things about the stump grinding process and specifically the aftermath of stump grinding in Corona, CA, so you are not surprised after the service is complete.
Call Melendez Tree Service at (714) 733-1803 for a comprehensive free service estimate for stump grinding in Corona, CA or the surrounding areas. After tree removal, stump grinding is the clear next step. We’ll make your yard beautiful and ready for new plants after the loss of a tree.