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Essential Emergency Tree Services in Southern California

It can be hard to say goodbye to a tree that’s been on your property for years, but sometimes it’s necessary to remove trees that pose risks to nearby people and buildings. Here at Melendez Tree Service, we will support you in times of crisis with emergency tree service in Corona, CA. We also serve the rest of Riverside County, Orange County and nearby San Bernardino County. Rest assured that we are licensed, bonded and insured to provide you with the most reliable, secure service possible.

When You Should Call For Emergency Tree Service

Sometimes it’s very obvious that you need tree services in the event of an emergency. For example, right after a storm, a downed tree that has caused property damage needs to be removed as quickly as possible. But, there are other reasons to call for emergency tree service in Corona, CA. A tree may exhibit subtle signs that it is at risk and requires immediate intervention from a tree service professional. If you see any of the following, call Melendez Tree Service for emergency tree services as soon as possible.

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Dead Tree Branches

If there are a number of dead branches on the tree, it’s time to call for emergency tree removal in Corona, CA. It’s especially worrisome if the branches begin falling off or if they are all on one side of the tree. A tree may become lopsided if the dead branches are all on one side, compromising its stability in the event of a storm. Dead tree branches quickly turn into falling tree branches, which can be a major safety hazard, especially if the tree is near walkways, streets, or buildings.

Even if your tree only has a few dead tree branches, calling for emergency tree service can be useful. Melendez Tree Service offers tree pruning, which will remove dead and unruly branches instead of removing the whole tree. Tree pruning also encourages growth and improves the health of the tree.

Falling Limbs or Branches

Falling branches are never a good sign, especially when they pose a danger to anyone who might walk near the tree in question. While a single fallen branch may not be cause for alarm, if a tree begins to lose a visible number of branches, it needs to be removed to prevent property damage and injury.

Leaning Tree

A tree that leans is a future hazard in high winds and storms. This is especially worrisome when the tree leans over your house or commercial property, near a roadway or in a highly populated area. A leaning tree needs to be removed before it falls over entirely.

Hole in the Trunk

If there is a large hole in the trunk of a tree, it may be a sign that there is rot or decay weakening the tree’s structure. The hole or cavity might also become a home for unwanted animals, and the tree could be more susceptible to disease. This is another case when removal is necessary to ensure the safety of people living and working in the vicinity of the tree.

Exposed Roots

When a tree is uprooted, usually after a natural disaster, it should be removed from the property. However, this can sometimes be a complicated process. Root systems can be massive, depending on the type of tree. When parts of the root system are uprooted, they may damage buildings or structures on your property.

Near Cables or Wires

We’ve talked about getting emergency tree service in Corona when trees are leaning near a building or roadway, but it can also be dangerous if trees get too close to cables or wires. This may happen gradually over time if a tree is not pruned or trimmed, but it also may happen as a result of a storm. If any part of a tree comes in contact with power lines, it will pose a fire hazard.

Call Melendez Tree Service in the Event of an Emergency

The professionals at Melendez Tree Service are the ones to call for emergency tree service in Corona, CA and the surrounding areas. If you suspect your tree needs to be removed, do not hesitate to call! We will also offer emergency tree pruning if simply removing branches will solve your problem. Our team has 15+ years of combined experience in tree services, so we know how to serve the needs of our customers, especially in the case of an emergency.