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Routine and emergency tree care for commercial properties in Southern California
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Top-Notch Commercial Tree Services

Melendez Tree Service does not just specialize in residential work! Our commercial tree services in Corona, CA and surrounding Orange and San Bernardino counties are a core part of our offerings as well. We are licensed, bonded and insured, ensuring reliable, effective service for your Southern California business. We’re well-versed in local tree care, so whether your commercial property is home to palm trees, ash trees, or jacarandas, we know how to create a plan to improve the health and appearance of your trees.

We tailor our commercial tree services in Corona to each individual client because we understand that every commercial property has different needs. Our primary roster of services includes the most important types of routine and emergency tree care that will keep your property safe and perfectly manicured. Our services for commercial properties include the following:

Types of Commercial Businesses Served

General Commercial Properties

From office parks to golf courses to schools, Melendez Tree Service can do it all. We provide a range of commercial tree services in Corona, CA to local businesses, including emergency services after a storm. We know how crucial it is to get back to business as usual after a major weather event, and we do our best to make it as easy as possible for you.


Our industrial clients have vastly different needs, depending on the size and function of their property. Our goal is always to listen to your needs first, then develop a plan for the trees on your property second. Perhaps this means creating a large-scale tree inventory with annual care plans for each tree, or perhaps it involves a path toward a healthier green space on your industrial property.

HOA Communities

Beautifully landscaped neighborhoods and HOA communities don’t maintain themselves. We are experts in maintaining the health and appearance of trees in both residential and commercial spaces, so what better way to apply that joint experience than in an HOA community? We develop ongoing relationships with our clients by putting together a plan to keep track of the health and growth of trees throughout the space governed by the HOA.

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Scheduling appointments with a commercial tree service company in Corona, CA shouldn’t be a pain. Don’t hesitate to call us! We will alleviate your concerns, whether you need urgent, immediate service due to a downed tree or you want someone to look after your trees year after year. We offer free service estimates when you call us at (714) 733-1803. Here are a few things we’ll discuss with you when you hire us to perform tree services:
When we know about your goals, we can better help you reach them. Routine services like tree pruning and trimming bring the best out of the trees on your property and make them blossom. At Melendez Tree Service, we aim to make your commercial property a scenic, safe place to be.