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How to Handle Fallen Trees and Branches While Waiting for a Professional

Fallen trees and branches on your property are an issue that should be left to an expert. However, there are steps you can take before a storm and while waiting for a professional tree removal service to arrive after one.

Remove Dead or Overhanging Branches

Owning a home with trees means keeping up with maintenance, including removing dead or overhanging branches. If you cannot remove these elements yourself, hire an expert to do it for you. Either way, it is important to remove these before a storm arrives. When objects such as these are picked up by high winds, you could be looking at significant damage.

Secure All Loose Objects in Your Yard

Loose objects that could be tossed around your property in severe storms need to be secured. It’s best to place them in the garage or basement. Some items can cause damage to your trees in high winds, including knocking loose or dead branches into your home or vehicles. Furthermore, the items themselves can cause damage to your property.

Have Possibly Weak Trees Inspected

Trees with cracks, dead limbs, or loose branches should be inspected by an arborist to ensure the damaged elements are removed. If you do not notice any issues, you can still play it safe by having your trees inspected before the next big storm. You never know if there is an underlying issue that has gone undetected.

Tackle Small Fallen Branches

After a storm, you can remove small fallen branches that are a safe distance from any fallen trees or bigger branches. One idea is to add these to your firewood. Another is to place them in a wood chipper later. If you are unsure about touching the branches, wait for the tree removal service to arrive.

Sweep Away Other Debris

While you wait for an emergency tree removal service to arrive, sweep up leaves, twigs, and other debris on your property while staying away from the damaged tree. This way, you can provide a clear path for experts to get to your fallen tree and branches.

Safely Assess the Situation

When a tree falls on your property, assess the situation from a safe distance. This includes writing down details such as flickering lights, shaking rooms, and damage to power lines or vehicles. You also want to take pictures of the damage for your insurance company.

Secure Your Home and Valuables

If a tree has fallen into your home, get everyone, including pets, out as soon as possible to prevent injuries. Once it is safe to go back inside, secure your valuables and block off the area with boards or other solid objects. Lock your doors and windows and exit the house until the tree removal service arrives.

Take Precautions for the Future

Once the tree and branches are removed, talk to an expert about taking precautions for the future. Prevention tips include having trees inspected, regularly pruning dead branches, and paying attention to signs of weak trees. Trees that pose a risk such as leaning toward your home should be removed immediately.

Promptly removing fallen trees and branches is essential to preventing further damage or injuries after a storm. When you need to look into emergency tree removal services, be sure to contact Melendez Tree Service in Corona, CA.

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