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Our Tree Services in Ontario

Melendez Tree Service operates out of Southern California and provides a range of tree services in Ontario, CA. Our expertise is specific to the Inland Empire, so we know how to treat local trees. Don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our talented tree service professionals. Together, we have over 15 years of combined experience to inform our guidance. And, even better, we are licensed, bonded and insured which means you can rest easy knowing our service is trustworthy. We provide free estimates when you call us at (714) 733-1803!

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Are your trees overgrown? Do they have dead or dying branches? Or perhaps the branches are unruly and growing in undesirable directions? If so, the professionals at Melendez Tree Service will prune those trees back to a healthy state. Pruning and trimming both promote the health of the tree while also improving its appearance, both in the short and long term. They should be performed regularly, as part of the annual maintenance of your landscaping. Our team will develop a plan for the ongoing care of your plants, suggest the proper service for your needs whether it’s tree trimming or pruning and give new life to the trees on your property.

Commercial Tree Services

We offer commercial tree services in Ontario, California to a variety of types of businesses, including industrial companies and HOA communities. The full suite of traditional tree services is available to our commercial clients, and we tailor the work we do to the needs of the commercial property. We understand the difficulty of scheduling tree services when you’re already busy with your business, so we do our best to make the process a breeze.

Emergency Tree Services

When you’re in a bind and need emergency tree services, call Melendez Tree Service. We have emergency hours available to clients who need urgent tree removal or care. Of course, we’d love to act proactively and remove weak trees during routine maintenance, but sometimes high winds and rain turn even the strongest trees into safety hazards. It may also be hard to catch initial signs of deterioration which may warrant an emergency tree removal, like mildew, mold, or fungus.

Tree Removal

Whether it’s an emergency tree removal or part of your planned tree services, Ontario’s favorite tree service professionals guarantee a job well done. You may want a tree removed for any number of reasons. Perhaps it’s showing signs of rot or the branches are slowly falling off. Maybe you’re tired of the waste left by fruit or seeds in your driveway. Or it’s possible that the tree is causing damage to underground utility systems, like the sewer line. No matter the reason, we will work with you to remove the tree. We understand how to navigate local regulations and permits, so we’ll tackle the bureaucracy while you focus on the important things in your life.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process of grinding down a tree stump with a blade so it no longer appears above ground. While stump grinding does not fully remove the root system of the former tree, it does make the space usable again. The process also produces a large volume of wood chips, which may be used to fill up the hole where the stump once was or in a plant bed.

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