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Transform Christmas Trees Into Healthy Trees for 2024 With Expert Maintenance

The cool, crisp air of winter refreshes the natural environment that surrounds you. The brightly colored leaves of the deciduous trees fade and fall from their branches. Taking a prominent place, the evergreens, shrubs, and other plant life lend their rich shades of green to outdoor life. To keep your trees healthy and strong for the coming year, schedule expert tree care now.

Work With Expert Tree Care Specialists to Promote Your Trees’ Longevity

Your local expert arborist or tree care technicians can provide top-rated services to maintain good tree health. Your tree care team can promote the strong growth and vitality of your Christmas trees in the new year. Schedule these quality services now for beautiful lawns and gardens next year.

Prune and Trim Trees for Good Structure and Shape

Even in mild climates, trees are somewhat dormant during winter. During this season, it is simpler and easier for tree care technicians to prune and trim trees. They remove weak or unwieldy branches as well as ones that are diseased or dead. This practice strengthens trees’ overall health and promotes increased growth in the coming year.

Inspect and Treat Trees for Damage from Insects and Disease

Your tree care specialists can also inspect your trees for damage from insect infestation and disease, treating trees when necessary. Trees that display signs of discoloration or decay often have been harmed by illness or pests. With professional tree care before December ends, these trees can experience vibrant growth in the new year.

Provide Soil Care and Fertilize Trees and Shrubbery

The soil around your trees and shrubs should be examined and enriched or replaced as needed. Your tree care team can add vital nutrients to the soil to support healthy growth for your trees and bushes. Soil in urban and suburban areas is not as rich in healthy, organic nutrients as forest-floor soil is. For this reason, adding organic fertilizer to your property’s soil will promote strong, healthy growth and vitality for your trees and shrubbery.

Wrap Your Tree Trunks to Guard Against Cracks and Animals

Especially if you have young saplings or evergreens on your property, arborists often recommend wrapping their lower trunks. By applying burlap wraps or plastic tree guards, your tree care team can shield your trees against damage from deer antlers, rabbits, or moles. This will also protect the bases of the trees from wood-pecking birds that feed on tree sap.

Consult our team at Melendez Tree Service experts in Corona, CA for top-quality tree care and maintenance services. Our professionals can make sure your Christmas trees are healthy and strong to start the new year.

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