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The Hidden Costs of Leaving a Stump in Your Yard

Toppled trunks and broken branches are a real threat in almost any situation. They can cause serious and costly damage to personal property as well as pose risks to people and pets. The stump left over at the end of a felling may seem harmless and hardly worth any extra attention, but it’s not. Several major hidden costs can come from leaving stumps to rot in the yard, so it’s almost always safer to remove them along with the rest of the tree.

Attracting Wood-Eating Pests

Perhaps the most significant hidden danger of tree stumps is their ability to attract unwanted attention from wood-eating pests. Termites are the most common villains when it comes to destroying structural material, but there are ants, beetles and other bugs that can cause serious problems as well. Dying and rotting wood attracts these pests, which will migrate to other nearby food sources after they’ve enjoyed the main course.

Creating a Yard Hazard

Even small stumps can cause a big problem for anyone that trips over them or gets their mower blades caught on their remnants. Any kind of personal safety hazard is a problem worth resolving whether you are a parent with young kids or a commercial property owner trying to minimize your liability. This, along with the potential for breaking expensive mowing equipment, only adds to the hidden cost of leaving stumps in the ground.

Harboring Tree Disease

Tree diseases can be very contagious and destructive, especially in areas without high species diversity. The dying remains of an old stump form a convenient harbor for disease to gain entrance and take hold on the property. Once a fungal or bacterial agent is established, there’s a good chance that it will start spreading to other trees and grow out of control before it’s even discovered.

Disrupting Landscaping Aesthetics

Beauty may not be everything, but it’s definitely something worth caring about for many property owners. Stumps aren’t the most attractive landscaping component, but their potential long-term impact is even more significant than the way they detract from your property’s aesthetics. As stumps and roots rot in the ground, they can create noticeable holes and dips that will need to be filled in and fixed down the road.

Free Yourself From Stump Worries

Letting that stump alone might be cheaper for the moment, but the hidden costs of incomplete removal can add up fast. If you own a home or business in Corona, CA, contact our team at Melendez Tree Service for professional stump grinding services that will put all these worries to rest.

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