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Tree Removal in Orange and San Bernardino Counties

Whether you need tree removal in Corona, CA for your commercial property, an HOA community, or your home, Melendez Tree Service will take care of the process. A tree may need to be removed for any number of reasons, including illness, structural instability, or simply the practical needs of the property owner. Tree removal can be dangerous if performed by someone without the proper licensing, which is why we at Melendez Tree Service are licensed, bonded and insured, to prove our commitment to the safest, most reliable tree removal services in Corona, CA.

Reasons for Tree Removal

There are many reasons why one might need a tree removed in Corona, CA. Some trees may pose an immediate danger due to storm damage, their imposition on existing structures or roadways or split trunks. Others do not require urgent removal but would benefit the property owner or the local environment, as in the case of invasive species. Trees may only be removed by a licensed contractor, so give Melendez Tree Service a call next time a tree on your property needs removal for any of the following reasons.

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Dead or Dying Tree

A tree that is dead or visibly dying needs to be removed as soon as possible. There may be distinct signs of a dead tree, such as dead branches, evidence of bugs, or clear damage from weed killer or other chemical products. If the tree still stands, there is a risk it will fall over during high winds due to structural instability. Branches may fall across your yard and create debris that could be dangerous if anyone spends time outside near the tree in question. A tree that is more than 50% dead needs to be removed quickly to eliminate any potential safety hazards.

Invasive or Undesirable Plants

There are a number of species that have been introduced to the environment in Southern California for horticultural reasons, but have since spread to take space away from native plants. Some invasive species are specifically targeted for removal by local government organizations because of their proven negative effect on the environment.

Rot or Fungus

Visible rot or fungus on a tree should be cause for worry and may be a sign that you need tree removal in Corona, CA. Rot or fungus may deteriorate the condition of the inside of the tree, making it structurally unsound.

Intrusive Root Structures

Sometime’s a tree’s root structure may grow into key features in a yard, sidewalk, or road. It’s not uncommon for tree roots to puncture sewer lines, septic tanks, or other underground utilities that keep your home up and running. To avoid this, you may choose to initially plant trees with less intrusive root structures, like Japanese Maples or Willow trees.

Poor Tree Placement

If a tree was originally planted too close to your house or leans over your driveway or the street, it may be time to remove it. While it can be a difficult decision to call for tree removal service in Corona, CA, especially when there is a beloved tree in your yard, trees that are too close to structures or roadways can be hazardous, especially if they are leaning, since they may fall on your house or across the road in bad weather.

Upcoming Construction

If your house is due for a new addition or you’d like to add a shed to your yard, there may be trees in the way. Melendez Tree Service will perform tree removals in Corona, CA to help bring your new home expansion to life.

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