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Emergency Tree Services: How They Can Save Your Trees and Property This Fall

Fall brings cooler weather and higher winds. While finally enjoying cooler weather is nice, the winds can easily bring down weak or dead trees. Keeping an eye on your trees can help, but you still need the help of a professional tree service company to keep your property safe. If you see any of these signs, be ready to move quickly if you want a chance to save your trees.

Your Tree Dropped All Its Leaves Quickly

One of the biggest signs your leafy tree is sick is how it grows or drops leaves. We all expect to enjoy the leaves changing but a sick tree may not do that. All the leaves can just drop while they’re still green. If this happens, you need emergency tree service. Hopefully, your tree can be saved. If not, though, it needs to be removed quickly before the wind picks up and damages your tree.

A Branch Is Damaged

A damaged or dead branch is very likely to come down as soon as the wind picks up. Large branches can cause serious property damage. Whether the branch is over your lawn or on a structure, you need to remove it as soon as possible.

Your Tree Is Leaning

A leaning tree may not be easy to spot, but it’s a huge warning sign you shouldn’t ignore. If your tree isn’t standing like it once did, then that’s a sign the roots may be failing. All it could take is a strong wind to knock it over. Call for emergency tree service the moment you notice.

Branches or Roots Are Damaging Your Property

A leaning tree branch can damage your roof and even shift the frame of your house. If you suddenly notice that doors won’t stay closed, you need to take a close look at your trees. Roots can easily damage foundations, driveways, or sidewalks depending on how they grow. At best, this is a tripping hazard. At worst, it’s a serious repair bill. An experienced tree service company can help you find the best course of action.

Don’t Wait Until After Your Home Is Damaged This Fall

Keeping ahead of your trees’ health can make sure you aren’t dealing with the headache of repair bills this fall. Now is the time to call Melendez Tree Service. We’re based in Corona so we know the Southern California trees. We can spot problems and help you fix them early. Melendez Tree Service can handle all the services you need for your trees, so contact us today if you need emergency tree services in Corona, CA.

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