3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tree Trimmer for Summertime Pruning

Work in the garden with scissors

After waking from winter dormancy, most tree species will undergo a period of active growth in the spring and summer months. Knowing this, it’s easy to look at the bushy, leafy trees on your property and assume they are at the peak of health. The summer months are actually a delicate time for your trees, […]

Discover How Tree Trimming Services Can Beautify Your Outdoor Spaces

gardener pruning fruit trees

When it comes to spring cleaning, having your trees trimmed may not immediately come to mind, but hiring a tree trimming service to spruce up your outdoor spaces is a great way to improve your home’s look and feel. Routine tree trimming helps ensure the health and longevity of the trees on your property. It’s […]

Some Tree Problems of Winter

Broken tree trunk and branches

Trees native to most of North America are made to withstand cold weather, and there are trees that can’t flourish in places where the weather is warm year-round. Still, winter in California can be surprisingly bitter, and cold winters are hard even for living things that have evolved to cope with them. This is true […]

Transform Christmas Trees Into Healthy Trees for 2024 With Expert Maintenance

colorful trees and plants during autumn

The cool, crisp air of winter refreshes the natural environment that surrounds you. The brightly colored leaves of the deciduous trees fade and fall from their branches. Taking a prominent place, the evergreens, shrubs, and other plant life lend their rich shades of green to outdoor life. To keep your trees healthy and strong for […]

Here Are Some Benefits of Holiday Tree Services

cutting thuja tree with garden hedge clippers

If you have trees on your property, a bit of maintenance can make them stand out and help your house look more attractive. Enlisting holiday tree services can be a smart move for aesthetic reasons and several other factors. Improve the Appearance of Trees When trees grow unchecked, they can often develop in an unbalanced […]

Emergency Tree Services: How They Can Save Your Trees and Property This Fall

Lumberjack with saw and harness climbing a tree

Fall brings cooler weather and higher winds. While finally enjoying cooler weather is nice, the winds can easily bring down weak or dead trees. Keeping an eye on your trees can help, but you still need the help of a professional tree service company to keep your property safe. If you see any of these […]