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4 Ways Tree Roots Can Penetrate Your Home

Roots from trees can be a pesky problem when they encroach on your home. Not only do these roots often damage your home’s foundation, but they can also cause hidden plumbing and sewer problems that make their presence even more troublesome. The following are ways tree roots can penetrate your home and the steps you should take to prevent their entry.

1. Through Cracks in the Foundation of Your Home

Tree roots can access your home’s foundation through even the smallest cracks. Once they get inside, they can cause extensive damage as they spread out and break apart the foundation. To prevent tree roots from entering through cracks in your foundation, inspect it regularly and immediately repair any small areas of damage you find.

You can also consider installing a root barrier, a physical barrier made of plastic or stone that can be placed around your home’s foundation to keep tree roots out. This can be a more reliable protection because the barrier does not rely on regularly inspecting and repairing your foundation.

2. Through Clogged Sewer Lines

When tree roots grow into your sewer lines, they can cause extensive blockages that require costly repair. Not only will the clog of roots prevent you from using your plumbing, but it can also create an unhealthy environment in which mold and bacteria thrive. To avoid this situation, inspect and clean out your main sewer line regularly.

If you already have tree roots clogging your sewer lines, you may need to consider a service to fix the issue. Specialized equipment and chemicals are often necessary to remove roots from sewer lines completely.

3. Through Leaking Pipes

Leaks in pipes can also be an open invitation for tree roots. If you notice any wet spots near the foundation of your home, then it is best to take action immediately before the damage worsens.

You can start by checking your pipes and seals for any visible signs of damage. If you find any, it is best to call a professional to repair the issue before tree roots can take advantage of the weakness.

4. Through Poor Landscaping Practices

When planting trees and landscaping your yard, it is important to consider how close the trees’ roots will get to your home. Planting them too close can put your home at risk of invasion from tree roots.

To minimize this risk, follow proper planting guidelines for the species of tree you are using. You should also consider the type of soil you are using and how it may affect the growth patterns of the tree’s roots. Finally, consider adding a layer of mulch or gravel around your home’s foundation to act as an additional barrier between the roots and your structure.

Tree roots can be a pesky problem when they encroach on your home and cause damage. Therefore, it is important to know how tree roots can penetrate your residence and take proactive steps to prevent their entry. The above information can help you understand the possible risks and help you take the necessary steps to protect your home from tree root damage.

At Melendez Tree Service in Corona, we provide tree root removal services to ensure your home stays safe from these intruders, so contact us today.

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