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Broken tree limb from storm damage

4 Signs That a Tree Needs Service Now

Every tree faces difficult seasons for all kinds of reasons, and most of the time they pull through just fine on their own. However, some types of damage and diseases not only jeopardize the life of the tree but endanger people and property as well. Owners of residential or commercial property need to know how to recognize the real red flags and warning signs that indicate they need a professional tree service to manage the situation.

1. Dead or Falling Branches

If branches start decaying and falling off frequently, then the tree either needs to be removed or carefully trimmed. This symptom is most common in older trees that are simply reaching the end of their lifespan, so there’s not much you can do to prevent or stop it aside from removal.

Branch death can also indicate a serious fungal infection or parasite infestation that directly compromises the structure or health of the branches. In this case, tree service providers focus on identifying the threat and investigating its scope on the property before developing an effective solution. Preventing a contagious infection from spreading to other trees is the first priority.

2. A Leaning or Bending Trunk

Trunk instability is a deal-breaker for almost any tree, unless it poses no safety risk and you are very committed to saving it. Trees can start leaning or bending if the ground becomes unstable geologically, the soil erodes enough to expose the roots, or pests or parasites have damaged the trunk. Each of these problems presents a different challenge to property owners.

3. Major Splits and Broken Branches

Serious traumatic damage is fairly rare. The most common causes include lightning strikes, automobile collisions, and significant snow or ice accumulation during storms. No matter the cause, a major break or split is a difficult scenario that typically ends in removal. Pruning may be enough to address the situation if damage is primarily localized to branches, but trunk damage is a different story.

4. Spreading Discoloration

Take note of any kind of dots, splotches, or other types of discoloration on the leaves and bark. It’s very possible that this is a temporary and localized condition, but you could also be witnessing the beginning of a contagious disease that could plague the entire property. Keep your eye on any kind of color change, and call a professional if it gets worse or spreads to other trees.

Treat Your Trees to Exceptional Service

Exceptional tree services are the answer to all of these problems, so don’t hesitate to call a local expert who cares about your needs. If you live or run a business in Corona, CA or nearby, call us at Melendez Tree Service for emergency services and complete inspections.

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