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3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tree Trimmer for Summertime Pruning

After waking from winter dormancy, most tree species will undergo a period of active growth in the spring and summer months. Knowing this, it’s easy to look at the bushy, leafy trees on your property and assume they are at the peak of health. The summer months are actually a delicate time for your trees, and attempting to prune them yourself can potentially harm them. With that said, here are three reasons you should hire a professional arborist to prune your trees in the summer.

1. Enjoy Species-Specific Care

Each tree species has its own unique growing pattern, care requirements, and vulnerabilities, and the one-size-fits-all approach won’t work when it comes to pruning the trees on your property. There are species that grow best with regular pruning and others that require no pruning at all. Furthermore, some of your trees might thrive when they’re pruned early in the season, while others may be better off with pruning in the fall. The sheer amount of information necessary to properly care for a wide variety of trees can be overwhelming unless you’re an expert tree surgeon, which is exactly why a professional is recommended for summer pruning.

2. Groom Without Damaging Health

While pruning is essential for maintaining tree health and appearance, improper techniques can do more harm than good. Taking too much off the top or sides can permanently impair the tree’s natural growth rate, and cutting too close to the trunk can increase the risk of disease. Once again, experience matters in this scenario, and hiring a professional tree surgeon is the best way to prune your trees without accidentally damaging their health. Not only do they have the knowledge to utilize correct pruning techniques, but they also come with the appropriate tools for the job to ensure each cut is made safely with minimal trauma to the tree.

3. Promote Healthier Growth

With some strategic trimming in the summer, it’s possible to guide a tree to direct its energy to new growth. However, it requires background knowledge and the ability to predict where the new growth will occur. By hiring a professional to do this task, you’re giving your trees the best chance at producing healthy new branches, leaves, flowers, and fruit. Additionally, a professional arborist can also remove dead or dying branches to further support your trees during the busy growing season.

Bonus: Fast and Easy

Summer is a time of rapid growth for trees, with new branches sprouting and flourishing seemingly overnight. Professional arborists have refined their techniques and workflow over many years, allowing them to complete summertime pruning in a fraction of the time it would take for homeowners to do it themselves. For more information about professional tree trimming and pruning in Corona, CA, contact our knowledgeable team at Melendez Tree Service.

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